Brentwood Bible Journey with Dr. Don Emler

The Bible Recovery Project at Brentwood Christian Church presents a new Bible study beginning April 22

Brentwood Bible Journey with Art, led by Dr. Don Emler

  • Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m.
  • Zoom ID number 490 261 7574
  • How to use Zoom

Brentwood Bible Journey

A new opportunity for Bible study at Brentwood will begin on Wednesday, April 22 on Zoom.  The leader will be Dr. Don Emler. Emler is Professor Emeritus in the Wimberly School of Religion at Oklahoma City University where he served as dean and taught biblical studies,  church history, and courses in Christian education. He has led two study tours to Israel. 

The course will not use an official textbook, other than the Bible, preferably the NRSV translation.  Because the course will tend to be like an academic course, although any biblical translation may be used, students may find one of the following NRSV annotated study Bibles helpful.   These Bibles have both the text plus commentary notes written by biblical scholars that help in understanding the text. Less expensive paperback versions of these Bibles may be found on the Amazon Website. 

In a church, Bible study tends to be short excerpts read to encourage members to behave ethically or believe in a specific way. In devotional readings, the Bible is generally read with undisputed authority.   This series is more of an academic study. In an academic study, the Bible is studied in the same way as any other literary or historical document from the ancient world. It uses techniques similar to those applied in history, anthropology, sociology, and literary studies.  One of our tasks is to become familiar with the variety of perspectives and opinions that exist not only about the Bible, but within the Bible itself. Our study will use the traditional scholarly methods of studying the Bible called exegesis, specifically literary, historical, and redaction criticisms or scholarship. For many this will be a new way of studying the biblical text.  Yet one does not have to be a biblical scholar to use these methods. One feature of the class sessions will be the inclusion of numerous art and photo illustrations to enhance our study.  

There are several background articles that may help participants prepare for class sessions.  These include a tentative schedule of weekly class topics and general articles related to the weekly topics. Although this sounds very formal, just remember there are no tests or papers for participants to write! Here are the initial background articles to help you prepare:

To enhance the experiences of the class, participants are encouraged to send an email to the instructor by the evening before the scheduled class session.  (E-mail:  Participants are invited to raise comments on something they found confusing or different in the biblical readings or background readings from their tradition.  Participants are also encouraged to suggest a question they would like to hear discussed in class. The instructor will try to respond to questions and comments by return email as well as share responses in the class session.  (The source of the questions and comments will not be identified to protect the identity of the participant.) Class members will also have opportunity to ask questions through the chat panel in Zoom.  


Info & details on our latest activities and events


Here is a link to our weekly newsletter, which has details related to our latest activities and events. This week’s edition includes information about:

  • Easter Sunday at Brentwood
  • This week’s Zoom numbers
  • Urgent volunteer needs/opportunities, including making face masks, meal prep for Harmony House, social distance gardening at Brentwood (to support our local food pantry), and making and distributing sack lunches for our unsheltered friends and neighbors
  • Baptism class
  • New Wednesday evening Bible Study
  • Talking Church with Ally Henny podcast
  • Care Teams
  • Community Life & Pastoral Care

If you have any questions about any of our events, or would like to help out with one or more of our volunteer opportunities, contact the church office at 417-881-0144 or

Talking Church with Ally Henny — Holy Week Edition

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Today we continue our podcast series with Ally Henny,  Brentwood’s theologian in residence. In our previous episode, Ally mentioned that Good Friday is her favorite holy day, so I begin by asking her to share why it’s so meaningful to her. Our conversation then moves toward discussing black theologian James Cone’s comparison of the cross and the lynching tree, which leads us to further reflect on Springfield’s so called Easter Offering in 1906. The second part of this conversation will be released next week. 

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An Easter Project for the Kids!


Dear Kids (and Parents) at Brentwood,

Someone will be dropping a packet off at your homes for the kids so you can turn one of your windows into a stained glass window for Easter. If you finish it by Friday, we’d love for you to take a picture of it and email it to the church ( so we can include the images in our Easter Sunday livestream worship service.

Instructions for Tissue Paper Art:

  1. Use your blue painter’s tape to create a design on a window. You can create whatever you want. Some suggestions are: Stained glass window, a cross, an Easter egg, etc.
  2. Tear or cut the tissue paper to cover some or all of the spaces. Tape the tissue paper down with scotch tape.
  3. You could also have one person hold the tissue paper down first, and then have another person use the blue tape to create a border around that.
  4. See the video instructions on Wednesday’s (April 8) cringey YouTube segment from Sarah and the Cool Kids. It will be called Tissue Paper Art (Sarah is the one who calls her YouTube segments cringey. We think they’re delightful!).
  5. Take a photo of your art.  If you can take a second photo with the light shining through and the pattern on the floor, that would be great.  Email your photos to the church by 8 p.m. on Friday to be included in Sunday’s service.

Thanks for helping make our Easter worship more beautiful!

Hey kids, we need your help with our Palm Sunday worship service!

Untitled designThis Sunday is Palm Sunday, and we have a really important job for all of the kids in the church! You can help make this Sunday a very special worship service!

Every year, when we worship in person on Palm Sunday, the children begin the worship service by walking into the sanctuary waving palm branches high in the air. (Maybe you’ve done this before and you remember what it’s like.) This marks the beginning of Holy Week, the most important week in the Christian calendar.

Waving branches high in the air reminds us of the story about Jesus, when he entered the city of Jerusalem on a donkey and the people greeted him by making a path out of palm branches.

As you might already know, this Palm Sunday we are kind of sad because we can’t worship in person. 😞 We will miss seeing you wave palm branches in person.

But we have another idea and we’d love your help! We think it would be fun to find a special way to do this for this Sunday, using online resources.

Would you be able to help us out? We sure hope so!

Here are the instructions:

1 📖 Read the Bible story about Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (Matthew 21:1-11)

2 🍃 Think about different things you have in your home. Work with your family to come up with an idea about how you can use different things in your home to create a pathway that someone like Jesus could travel on, maybe even on his donkey! Perhaps you could make a path with leaves or bricks in your backyard, or maybe you could use chalk and draw a path on your driveway. These are just ideas, feel free to be creative and have fun!

3 📸 Send us a picture of your pathway, and we will include it in our Palm Sunday worship service this Sunday! If you want to be in the picture then that’s great too, just make sure the grownups you live with say that it’s okay for your picture to be used in our online worship service.

4 📺 Watch our Palm Sunday worship service online this Sunday at 10am and you can see your picture in our worship service, for the whole world to see!

5 📧 Make sure all pictures are emailed to Rev. Phil no later than this Friday, April 3. That way there’s time to include them.

Thanks so much for helping make Palm Sunday special! We can’t wait to see your pictures!

New to Zoom?

1h5tvwgtzynbvszjq2hg5mqNow that the world is pretty much being run by Zoom, here are some super brief Zoom online meeting tips for beginners trying to figure out the basics and may not know where to start:

– Zoom works for electronic devices (e.g. computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and telephones. 💻 📱 ☎️

– If you use a smart device (smart phone or tablet), download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app in advance.

– If your electronic device has a camera, you have the option of using your camera to be visible (if your camera is turned on people will be able to see you and/or your surroundings).

– Keep your device muted unless you are speaking. Otherwise there will be a cacophony of voices online all at once, which will sound noisy and distracting for everybody involved, including you. I can’t stress this point enough.

– If you’re using an electronic device, headphones are recommended in order to decrease feedback.

– Each meeting has a unique Meeting ID number. You need this ID to find the right meeting. (If you are joining by telephone you also need to know the telephone number to dial).

Here are instructions for joining online Zoom meetings using computer, smart device, or telephone:

💻 Via Computer:

(1) Launch your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc.)

(2) Go to

(3) Click on “Join”

(4) Enter the Meeting ID number

📱 Via Smart Device (smart phone or tablet):

(1) Download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App

(2) Open App

(3) Click on “Join”

(4) Enter the Meeting ID number

☎️ Via Telephone:

(1) Dial the telephone number provided for the meeting (this is different from the Meeting ID number)

(2) When prompted enter the Meeting ID number, followed by #

Talking Church with Ally Henny — the podcast

Talking Church Facebook

Welcome to Brentwood’s inaugural Talking Church podcast hosted by Phil Snider. This is our first episode in a series with Ally Henny, Brentwood’s theologian in residence. Phil begins by asking Ally to reflect a bit on how anti-racist work shouldn’t be placed on the back burner in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis, and then the conversation moves toward the ways Christians can be responsible during this time — including the importance of loving our neighbor precisely by not gathering in person for worship this Easter. 

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Lenten devotional group — reading for March 30

Each week for the remainder of Lent we are sharing a reading for our Lenten Devotional Group. Those interested in joining Phil and Emily for reflection and prayer related to this reading are invited to do so on Tuesday, March 31, at 11am (see Zoom info below).

“As many years as I have been listening to Easter sermons, I have never heard anyone talk about that part. Resurrection is always announced with Easter lilies, the sound of trumpets, bright streaming light. But it did not happen that way. If it happened in a cave, it happened in complete silence, in absolute darkness, with the smell of damp stone and dug earth in the air. Sitting deep in the heart of Organ Cave, I let this sink in: new life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.” – Barbara Brown Taylor

Zoom Info

  • Via Computer: (1) Go to (2) Click on “Join” (3) Enter Meeting ID 232 363 413
  • Via Zoom Cloud Meeting App: (1) Launch the App on your smart phone or tablet (2) Tap “Join” (3) Enter Meeting ID 232 363 413
  • Via telephone (audio only): (1) Dial +1 (312) 626-6799 (2) When prompted enter Meeting ID 232 363 413 #