Coat Drive for Isabel’s House

Isabel’s House here in Springfield provides care 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for the community’s most vulnerable — children — when the family is in crisis. And right now, Isabel’s house is in need of coats for kids ages infant-12 years old. Coats that aren’t too bulky are best, so fleeces and hoodies would be most helpful. You can drop them off at the church in the bin outside the red East doors and someone from the church will deliver the coats to Isabel’s House.

Van drivers needed for crisis cold weather shelters

Van drivers are needed to transport unsheltered friends & neighbors to shelters in the evenings (it would be about an hour commitment probably between 7 and 9 p.m.) and from shelters in the mornings (same time commitment, likely between 6 and 8 a.m.).

Maybe you’d be willing to volunteer for every Friday evening or every other Tuesday morning. Need would be based upon weather, so there could be some shifts that you are signed up for when your service won’t be needed.

To volunteer, please send an email to the church office at

Madelyn’s pottery for sale as outreach fundraiser

Looking for a special Christmas gift that will give in more ways than one? Every year Madelyn Schnick sells her beautiful pottery to raise money for outreach efforts. This year, the proceeds will go to Crosslines (to feed those who are food insecure in the Springfield) and Ujima (for increasing literacy in children here in the Ozarks).

Scroll through the images below (or view them on our church Facebook page), then email the church office at to let us know which piece you would like and we can arrange contactless payment and pickup.

(Please note that prices reflect the single cost of each item in each picture.)

Giving Tuesday

With the unprecedented needs currently being experienced by our vulnerable, unsheltered friends and neighbors in the Ozarks, we are encouraging folks this Giving Tuesday to make a commitment to support at least one of these local giving opportunities in the days ahead: Hot Hands for the Homeless, Crosslines Christmas Drive, and cold weather shelter relief.

While there’s no doubt that we need more than just charitable acts to solve the crisis of poverty and homelessness in the Ozarks, these opportunities to give can, quite literally, make the difference between life and death for our unsheltered friends and neighbors. Make a commitment to act now. 

Hot Hands for the Homeless: The Great Warm-A-Thon

A fundraiser for The Connecting Grounds by The Mystery Hour

[Donate Here]

You may be wondering: HotHands? Those hand-warmer things? How much good can that do? 

A lot of good, it turns out. We were surprised to learn that HotHands will literally be life-savers this winter. 

Since shelters only open when it’s 32 degrees or below, and with reduced capacity due to COVID-19, many people are left without anywhere to go on cold nights. Here, in Springfield, Missouri. 

This is something that can make a real difference for the hundreds of people who will be out on the streets of our city, unable to access crisis cold weather shelters. (Hundreds. Here, in Springfield.) 

Why this goal? An estimated 25k-30,000 additional HotHands are needed for the winter, supplying 6-8 per person, per night. $25,000 would cover that and then some, thanks to wholesale prices.

It’s a big goal, but it’s a big problem. We can do it together!

We know there are so many larger issues (affordable housing; access to jobs; addiction and mental health services; the list goes on) more complicated than we can address in one GoFundMe, but this is one way we can make a difference and literally save lives as we move into colder months. We can’t fix everything, but we can do something. And you can help.

Details & Links to Donate

Crosslines Christmas Drive

Brentwood is again partnering with the Council of Churches of the Ozarks to help bring Christmas joy to families in need of our support through the Crosslines Toystore. We are especially focusing on purchasing clothing and essential items for teens.

In an effort to reduce in person contact during these times, Crosslines has put together online wishlists so you can shop entirely online. (For those who prefer shopping in person, the Crosslines Toystore still has that option too.)

Times are especially difficult this year, with an increased need of support. Here’s the information you need:

The Toystore is collecting brand-new toys for children from birth to 18 years old, as well as books and knit items. If you have questions about what items Crosslines accepts, please call 417-865-5810.

[More details here]

Cold Weather Shelter Relief

Cold Weather Shelter Meal Train:

Calling anyone who is interested in providing meals this winter… we have LOTS of gaps coming up in our meal train to provide dinner at Veterans Coming Home Center at 5 PM throughout the winter months.

Please take a look and see if you can connect and help meet this need.

*** This is a great opportunity for churches, small groups, friends, families, neighbors, businesses, and individuals to get involved!***

You can sign up to provide a meal at the link below:

Cold Weather Shelter Volunteers

Take a turn volunteering for the men’s or women’s cold weather shelters

  • Let us know if you’re able to help us work with Community Partnership of the Ozarks by volunteering to help with this winter’s socially-distanced crisis cold weather shelters by filling out this form.

Shop for the following supplies and drop them off at the church:

  • hot hands
  • gloves
  • blankets
  • backpacks
  • socks
  • pre-packaged snacks
  • pop-top canned goods
  • bottled water
  • laundry detergent

Pick up your free Advent devotional at the church office

Not feeling particularly merry or bright this season? LOW is for you.

To pick up your free Advent devotional, send an email to and we’ll set it out for you so you can pick it up contact free.

Let’s be honest about Advent: we’re often forced to put on a happy face, to pretend we’re merry when we’re frustrated and stressed and exhausted by the expectations of others. And this year, we’re also experiencing despair, grief, and trauma, as we wonder how we’ll ever get through a COVID Christmas and what the new year will bring. 

In this honest Advent devotional, bestselling progressive Christian author John Pavlovitz reminds us that God came to meet us in the low places in our lives, in the gritty, messy reality of the world. In these daily devotionals for the holiday season, Jesus walks with us, reminding us that the journey isn’t about escaping this world to an elevated Heaven somewhere else, but to bring Heaven down. “God with us” is Jesus, getting low.

Each devotional includes a scripture and Advent reflection on Jesus meeting us on the ground, in the grit of our real and messy lives.

Get lifted this Christmas season with Low. 


“If you’re not yet a fan of John Pavlovitz’s insightful spiritual writing, you will be when you read Low. And even if you already are a fan, the tenderness, honesty, and depth you’ll find in these pages will surprise you, enriching your experience of Advent and inspiring you live more wisely and fully in the year to come.”―Brian D. McLaren, author/activist

“I think of John Pavlovitz as America’s progressive pastor, the spiritual advisor for all of us who are grieving, bewildered, exhausted, or feel like we don’t belong. In his latest—Low: An Honest Advent Devotional—John helps us engage the holiday season through the lens of all that weighs us down, encouraging us to believe that in our pain, our humility, our sadness that God is with us. This lovely collection of readings will meet you where you are, remind you that you’re not alone, and help you navigate the hardships of the season.”―Matthew Paul Turner

“In Low: An Honest Advent Devotional, John Pavlovitz shows us a Jesus who confronts the contours of real life. Instead of gauzy reflections on a spiritualized faith, Pavlovitz reminds us that any Jesus worth following is to be found in the low and messy places of everyday life—the places filled with monotony and depression, with small wonders and simple mercies, with fear and joy and mystery; in other words, in the places most of us spend the bulk of our lives. In Low we find an Advent faith that feels at home in the world we actually live in, which is exactly where Jesus continues to find us.”―Derek Penwell, author of Outlandish

“The brief daily devotionals in this book—each based on a passage from scripture—address the world’s ‘gritty, messy reality’ alongside the promises that were born in Bethlehem and remain with us today.” –The Christian Century