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Thank you for supporting Brentwood Christian Church. As a community of faith, we offer a number of programs and initiatives in the heart of the Bible Belt that are incredibly hard to find, including:

A strong and faithful public voice that stands for justice, dignity and equality for all people;

Organizational opportunities for faith-based people in the area to mobilize together to work for social justice;

In-depth spiritual formation opportunities that help people make sense of life and faith and at the same time value both the mind and the heart;

Worship gatherings that celebrate the beauty and wonder of Christ’s unconditional love and that carry the capacity to transform every day thought and practice;

Indispensable programs for children and youth that let every participant know they are loved beyond their wildest imagination;

Care and support for people in times of struggle and crisis, including those in the church but also those who will never step foot in church;

Community and belonging for those who’ve often felt unwelcome in the church;

Outreach efforts that don’t simply seek to provide a band-aid to those in need, but try to change the systems and structures that put them in need in the first place;

And much, much more!

All of this takes a tremendous amount of work, and these life-giving ministries are only possible because of your financial support.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity; by supporting Brentwood Christian Church you are actively participating in a transformational movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

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