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Contact us by email ( or phone (417-881-0144) to let us know which groups you are interested in, and we will have the Community Life team get you the information you need.

• Small Groups. Community groups at Brentwood offer regular opportunities to fellowship and make deeper connections with those we worship with on Sundays. Some focus on service projects, others on religion, pop-culture and current events, and still others on Bible study, spiritual formation, and theological conversation.

• Prayer & Meditation Groups. These groups provide an opportunity to practice Christian forms of prayer and meditation, including silent prayer, lectio divina, labyrinth walking, and numerous other options.

• Pub Theology. People have been gathering in pubs and public spaces for ages, talking about life, philosophy, faith, and deep questions of meaning. Increasingly, people all over are rediscovering the pub as a safe, open space where they can explore and express their own doubts and questions, learn from others, and engage people of varying religious traditions. In our increasingly fractured society, these spaces are not only welcome, but needed. We gather at various locations (as announced) on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm.

• Coffee & Conversation. The format of Coffee & Conversation is similar to Pub Theology; the main differences are that we meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am and gather in a coffee house instead of pub.

• LGBTQ+ Support Groups. The name speaks for itself. Come be who you are, and find friends who will encourage you and support you on your journey of life. For teens, we offer Megan’s Rainbow twice a month.

• Living the Questions. This provides an introduction to progressive Christianity that invites participants to share in conversation about how best to approach Christianity in a way that values the mind and the heart.

• The Academy for Faith & Life. The Academy for Faith and Life provides an opportunity for participants from both the congregation and the wider community to engage theological and ethical topics in an in-depth manner not usually found in conventional church study groups. Sessions are usually led by Rev. Snider.

• Sunday Schools. Brentwood has two Sunday Schools for adults, each with its own personality and flavor. They meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

• Numerous other opportunities as announced.

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