Instead of thinking about church membership in the same way one might become a member of a country club (or any club for that matter), we prefer thinking about church participation in terms of a covenant partnership. We believe participation in a community of faith should reflect a dynamic, relational partnership in which we journey together to support, encourage, and empower one another along life’s journey. In a healthy symbiotic relationship, the ministries of the congregation partner with the gifts of the people in order to reflect Christ’s all-inclusive love in our world, and thus help us live into the deepest expressions of life possible for us and all of creation.

Covenant Partners in Ministry commit themselves to furthering the ministries of the church to the best of their ability by (1) affirming the values, mission, and vision of Brentwood Christian Church; (2) actively participating in worship, connection groups, and/or justice and transformational ministries; and (3) supporting the ministries of the church through time, talent, and financial resources, in recognition of the diversity of contexts and situations that shape our lives.

Ready to explore?
Dr. Snider regularly teaches a series of classes called Brentwood 101, in which participants are introduced to Brentwood’s ministries, programs, and overall approach to faith. Many people considering Covenant Partnership in Ministry find Brentwood 101 to be very helpful. Dr. Snider and Rev. Bowen are also available for coffee and conversation for those who’d like to learn more about Brentwood and/or are interested in becoming a Covenant Partner. If you would like to become a Covenant Partner in Ministry, or if you’d like more information about Brentwood, feel free to set up a time to meet with either of them by contacting the church office.

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