3 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Dr. Snider, I just viewed your speech to the city council on Huff Post and I must say that as straight- agnostic male, 30 years military veteran – YOUR SPEECH RAWKED!! Touche’ sir! Thank you for all you do to preach acceptance and tollerance – your voice is reaching out further than you may know – this is the new Martyrdom – I am sure you will lbe attacked viciously and possibly even physically, but tell me sir – what would Jesus do? Exactly what you are doing – best wishes – RESPECT! Chas. Baker, Austin, TX

  2. Mr. Phil Snider is a hateful so called christian bigot. He thinks he can use his outdated bible that is full of misinformation & myths to discriminate against gays & promote racial segregation. I hope this troll keeps on messing up when he speaks in front of his church congregation.

    • Gio, you’ve misunderstood. If you watch the whole video again you may realize that it was an attempt to expose bigotry. That the arguments used years ago against civil rights are similar to the ones being used today against marriage equality. As a gay man and as an atheist, I have nothing but respect and admiration for this man. His thought provoking speech was incredible and I believe exposes how small minded people can sometimes be.

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