Center for Diversity & Reconciliation

In order to support, encourage and empower people of faith to help make Springfield a more welcoming and inclusive community, and in response to our desire to be a pro-reconciling congregation, Brentwood founded the Greater Springfield Center for Diversity and Reconciliation (CDR) in 2011. The CDR is dedicated to promoting economic dignity, race equity, social justice and equal rights for all people in the greater Springfield area.

We believe we are called to honor the best of our faith traditions by equipping communities of faith to:

  • Value the dignity of all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or economic status
  • Celebrate the diversity of God’s creation, including a variety of cultural and ethnic expressions
  • Extend hospitality to the stranger
  • Cultivate transformative communities of welcome, solidarity, and care
  • Challenge systems and structures of racism and/or discrimination that oppress
  • Live into the healing and reconciling dream of God for all of humanity

We partner with community organizations ranging from local universities and businesses to non-profits, including churches and religious organizations. If your organization or community of faith would like to share in this endeavor by becoming a partner member, or if you would like to be involved on a personal level, please contact Dr. Snider in the church office.


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