Weekly Newsletter 10-18-19

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This week’s featured story:

Meal Train for Katie & Casey


Our friends and fellow Brentwood members, Katie Klocksiem and Casey Gunn, along with their daughters, are facing an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Katie very recently found out she has Stage 3 breast cancer and began chemo this week that will last for 16 weeks, followed by additional interventions and treatment. This is going to be a long, difficult haul for this beautiful family, and we want to surround them with love and prayers and to support them in all the ways we possibly can. Please share this Meal Train link with anyone you know who might want to help in this way. We are setting it up initially for about 6 weeks to make sure the Tu/Th dinner plan is working well for them, and will tweak to add more days per week or change days if need be, so check back regularly. [Sign up for the Meal Train]

Also, gift cards are WONDERFUL ideas for area restaurants (favorites are Panera, Qdoba, Chipotle, Wheelhouse, Rocky’s and Heady’s BBQ in Republic), grocery stores (ALDI, Harter House, Walmart), and Visa Gift Cards to use wherever they need. If there are other ways you are willing to help with time, errand running, household maintenance, etc., please email your contact info to Shannon Smith (shansmith76@gmail.com) and we will make a list for them.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up as well so please share it far and wide. This is another way to be super helpful and supportive.

Thanks in advance for all the love and support you all will be pouring out on this family…It is truly the only way to make it through these times. This is what a church family (and support network beyond) is for– to come alongside each other during hardship to help carry the load, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in real time.

The Color of Compromise


Come to a community conversation on race, equity and faith in Springfield. We will meet for four Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. starting on October 17th at Timmons Hall in Silver Springs Park. We will use the book The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby as a springboard for our discussions. Join us for one or all four sessions. Each session will be self contained and passages of the book being discussed will be provided. The discussions will be moderated by Ally Henny, Heather Hardinger and Susan Schmalzbauer. We will also feature community leaders as guest speakers to bring the conversation to Springfield. Here is a preview of the sessions.

Session 1- General introduction (October 17 – 6-8 pm)

Overview of Book, primarily covering Chapter 1. Covers the tragedy of Jim Crow laws, the victories of the Civil Rights era, and the strides of today’s Black Lives Matter movement. Guest speaker: Rev. Phil Snider from Brentwood Christian Church.

Session 2- History (October 24 – 6-8 pm)

Takes you on a historical, sociological, and religious journey: from America’s early colonial days through slavery and the Civil War. Guest speaker: Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer at Missouri State University.

Session 3- Political/policy (October 31 – 6-8 pm)

Reveals the cultural and institutional tables we have to flip in order to bring about meaningful integration

Session 4- Moving Through (November 7 – 6-8 pm)

Charts a path forward to replace established patterns and systems of complicity with bold, courageous, immediate action.

Weekly Newsletter 10-4-19

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Featured Story:

NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet and Black Tie Tickets now available

We have five spaces for the Freedom Fund Banquet, which is on Saturday, October 19 and raises money for the NAACP and the important work they are doing in Springfield. There is one ticket remaining for Springfield Black Tie on Saturday, November 9. It is Missouri’s premier fund raising event benefiting local and state-wide charities which serve the LGBTQIA+ community. Please contact the church office (brentwoodchristianchurch@gmail.com) if you would like to purchase a ticket and be part of a Brentwood table at the Freedom Fund Banquet and/or at Black Tie.

Overcoming misogyny & violence against women

Our congregation is invited to a special series on the ethics and impact of pornography this weekend in Springfield that is being hosted by our friend and former minister for youth and college students, the Rev. Dr. Micki Pulleyking. The event is dedicated to overcoming misogyny and violence against women, as well as promoting healthy sexual ethics, particularly as related to the widespread affects of pornography in our culture. It is free and open to the public.

The Gospel speaks against all forms of supremacy, violence, racism, classism and the objectification and dehumanization of any bodies. Yet when it comes to pornography, the churches are often silent. This is why Rev. Pulleyking has invited Dr. Robert Jensen, a well-known scholar in media and ethics, to talk about the ethics of pornography at Westminster Presbyterian Church. As Rev. Pulleyking notes, this is related to other social justice issues churches claim to care about: race, class, and gender. It’s ubiquity on the internet is openly misogynistic, overtly racist, and promotes violence against women. Last year, at a conference, a media professor from New York concluded, “the long-term impact of our culture’s porn addiction will be greater than our opioid crisis.”

Dr. Jensen is the author of several books including, Getting Off, The End of Patriarchy, Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality, and The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege. He is passionate about educating for a better world.

The Ethics and Impact of Pornography seminar will begin on Friday from 5:00-7:00 on MSU’s campus, Glass Hall 102. You may park free anywhere; lot 20 is just west of Glass.

On Saturday morning, coffee and donuts will be served in Westminster’s gym at 8:30. Dr. Jensen will teach from 9:00-12:00.

See picture for more info–and bring your own questions. Feel free to invite friends, teens, parents, grandparents as well!

Snowtubing at Wolfe Mountain!

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Children of all ages are invited to inner tube down Snowflex at Wolfe Mountain on Saturday, September 28. Plan to meet at the church at 9 a.m. to caravan out to Wolfe Mountain on Hwy 65. Our scheduled time to slide down the mountain is 10:00 a.m. This will be in conjunction with Trinity Presbyterian Church. Cost is $15. We want everyone who’d like to go to be able to do so! If anyone needs help covering costs, just let Sarah, Emily, or Phil know (brentwoodchristianchurch@gmail.com).