Temporary Worship Times & Locations

Sunday worship is temporarily taking place in the downstairs Fellowship Hall with services at 9AM and 10AM. Here are the details you need to know:
We are entering into an exciting time in the life of Brentwood! We are collaborating with Trinity Presbyterian Church to make some much needed, overdue updates to our sanctuary that will increase accessibility, fix lighting, and update aesthetics. In the meantime, we are worshiping in the downstairs Fellowship Hall.

Our COVID safety protocols remain in effect; please familiarize yourself with them at this link and abide by them so that we can best love our neighbors and ourselves during these hard times.
Temporary Worship Location: Downstairs Fellowship Hall
The entrance to the Fellowship Hall is on the south side of the building. Use the parking lot behind the church and enter through the doors by the children’s playground. It is a fully accessible entrance and area, with no steps or stairs.
Temporary Worship Times: 9AM and 10AM
Worship is taking place at 9AM and 10AM. It’s the same service (two different times allows for more social distancing since the Fellowship Hall is a smaller space than the sanctuary). As we learn more about Omicron we can potentially go back to just one service at 10AM, but for now in the Fellowship Hall we are having two services as a safeguarding measure. 
Entry & exit for downstairs worship in the Fellowship Hall
It’s easiest to use the downstairs doors by the playground, on the south side of the building adjacent to the back parking lot. There are no steps; the entrance is accessible. Please note that the east doors will be locked during renovations.

For social distancing reasons, we kindly ask those attending the 10AM service to wait until 9:55AM to enter the Fellowship Hall. Thanks for understanding.
Sunday morning activities & programs during the sanctuary updates
The nursery will be available from 8:45AM-11:00AM.

Children’s Church will be held during the 10AM service. Children will gather in the Fellowship Hall and those who wish to go upstairs to Children’s Church will be dismissed toward the beginning of the worship service. Pre-K thru 2nd grades will go to Room 16; 3rd thru 5th grades will go to Room 17.

Sunday School for youth continues to meet at 9AM in upstairs classroom Room 17.

Sunday School series for adults (“Uppity Women of the Bible”) taught by Dr. Don Emler meets at 9AM in upstairs classroom Room 10.

“Communion to go” — instead of taking off masks during service, we will offer a communion blessing during the services; participants are invited to take their communion packet with them to partake away from Fellowship Hall.

Offering baskets continue to be available but not passed.
Tentative Timeline
Jan. 16: Worship moves downstairs to Fellowship Hall, with Brentwood services at both 9AM & 10AM
Jan. 17: Office and main entrance temporarily move to west end (weekdays only)
Jan. 17-Feb. 6:  Areas to be updated cleared of items
Feb. 7-April 10: Active updates and installations
April 10-15: Sanctuary reset and prepared for worship
April 17: Easter worship in sanctuary

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