Donate directly to Afghan Refugees

As our church continues to prepare to welcome Afghan refugees settling in Springfield (we are sponsoring a family of up to six people and need all household items for them), we have several new items that need to be purchased.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. To donate directly to the Afghan refugees we will be sponsoring in Springfield, you may give in the following ways:

— Make a check out to Brentwood and write “Afghan Refugees” in the memo line, then mail it to the church or drop it in an offering basket.

Donate online (you’ll need to create an account if you haven’t done this before). When you make your donation, choose the code Special 11 to make sure it goes directly to the Afghan Refugees.

— Send a text to 417-283-8175. Enter the dollar amount (do not use the dollar sign) followed by the code Special11 (do not put a space between Special and 11). Here’s an example of what your text would look like if you wanted to donate $20 to the Afghan Refugees):

We are also collecting donations for following items, either new or gently used:

  • nightstands
  • lamps
  • wall clocks
  • a queen bed
  • a single bed
  • blankets, comforters or bedspreads for single or queen beds
  • a piece of furniture to sit a TV on.

Be assured that if we end up with extra money or items they will be passed on to other sponsoring groups to be used towards the refugees’ needs. Brentwood has jumped and we are very close to having a home ready for a family thanks to the generous hearts of many.

Thanks so much to each of you!