Guidelines for returning to in-person worship June 6

We are elated to announce that we will responsibly be returning to indoor worship in the sanctuary every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., beginning June 6!

We encourage everyone to read the community guidelines below so you’ll know what to expect. We will also continue live-streaming all of our services at for those who prefer that option.

Guidelines for returning to in person worship 

We are so excited to welcome you back to weekly in person worship in the sanctuary! In our continued commitment to be as safe as possible, we ask you to please adhere to these community guidelines. 

*Note: These guidelines were developed in accordance to the high vaccination rate among Brentwood participants as reflected in the data collected in our anonymous survey (94% responded as being fully vaccinated). We encourage you to use your best judgement about returning to in person worship. If you haven’t been vaccinated please proceed with particular caution and use all due diligence when making the decision whether or not to attend. Keep in mind that these policies are designed to protect those who are not vaccinated. No one will be required to disclose their vaccination status; as such, please abide by these policies regardless of your vaccination status. Thank you!

Entry and Exit

  • Use the east doors only for entry and exit, unless (1) you are dropping off a child for Children’s Church (see instructions for Children’s Church below) or (2) have accessibility concerns and need to use a different door. This will help us separate the flow of traffic with our friends from Trinity Presbyterian Church, who will use the west doors for entry and exit.
  • Individual communion packets will be given to you when you enter the building.
  • Upon entry, go straight to your seat in the sanctuary. Do not congregate outside the sanctuary, either before or after service. Outdoor social interaction is welcome. 
  • Please fill the pews from front to back, making sure households are at least two arm lengths apart from others on the same row. Do your best to arrange seating so that you are not sitting directly in front or behind those sitting in the pews in front and behind you. 
  • Following the service, participants will be dismissed by row. 

General Protocols

  • Please self-screen before attending. If you have any symptoms of illness (COVID related or not), please show love for your neighbor by staying home until you feel better.
  • Face coverings are required while inside the building, except when partaking in communion or when speaking as a leader during the worship service.
  • Maintain social distancing in the sanctuary. Only sit next to others in your household pod. 
  • Coffee and refreshments will not be served, nor will we have printed bulletins or name tags. 
  • Offering baskets will be placed next to the doors but will not be passed. 
  • Restrooms are open, but please do not congregate in them. 
  • Congregational singing is allowed during worship (just don’t sing at the top of your lungs 🙂

Children’s Church

  • Everyone working or volunteering with children will be vaccinated.
  • Children’s Church (led by Pastor Sarah) will take place throughout the duration of the sanctuary worship service (from approximately 10:00-10:45AM)
  • Children’s Church is open to three-year-olds through second graders. 
  • Children should be dropped off and picked up in the downstairs Fellowship Hall. Use the south doors (next to the playground) for drop off and pick up. Do not use the stairwell or elevator at any time.
  • We are working on having our nursery (for babies and toddlers younger than three) ready as quickly as possible. As you might recall, a water line burst in the nursery and we are still in the process of repairing the damage. We apologize for this inconvenience and will let you now as soon as it’s ready.

Sunday Schools

  • As of now, with the exception of youth group, Sunday Schools are not meeting. We will announce any changes or updates as they become available.

We look forward to seeing you soon!