Hot Hands for the Homeless: The Great Warm-A-Thon

Help Us Spread Some Warmth This Winter

A fundraiser for The Connecting Grounds by The Mystery Hour

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You may be wondering: HotHands? Those hand-warmer things? How much good can that do? 

A lot of good, it turns out. We were surprised to learn that HotHands will literally be life-savers this winter. 

Since shelters only open when it’s 32 degrees or below, and with reduced capacity due to COVID-19, many people are left without anywhere to go on cold nights. Here, in Springfield, Missouri. 

This is something that can make a real difference for the hundreds of people who will be out on the streets of our city, unable to access crisis cold weather shelters. (Hundreds. Here, in Springfield.) 

Why this goal? An estimated 25k-30,000 additional HotHands are needed for the winter, supplying 6-8 per person, per night. $25,000 would cover that and then some, thanks to wholesale prices.

It’s a big goal, but it’s a big problem. We can do it together! 

We know there are so many larger issues (affordable housing; access to jobs; addiction and mental health services; the list goes on) more complicated than we can address in one GoFundMe, but this is one way we can make a difference and literally save lives as we move into colder months. We can’t fix everything, but we can do something. And you can help.

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