All hands on deck

All. Hands. On. Deck.

‼️ PSA ‼️

Not everyone is made for the frontline, so don’t guilt trip yourself because you think you MUST be on the frontlines to support! This goes out especially to the disabled, chronically ill, their caretakers, nurses/doctors, grocery store workers, farmers, and all other essential persons.


💸 Donate to a BAIL FUND in your area or around the country

💊 Donate MEDICAL SUPPLIES to people working as medics at the protests

🥩 FEED PEOPLE – buy food and water, or make food, and donate it to those who are part of or affected by the protests

🥛 VOLUNTEER at non-hot zone areas to supply food and water

📢 Continue to EDUCATE the people around you – this is also emotional labor

🚗 PICK UP people from the hot-zone if they need it

🐥 Offer to WATCH KIDS if their parents are organizers and need to be on the frontline

🚨 CONFRONT RACISM wherever you see it, online and with family/friends

📲 SHARE LINKS to every resource for protestors you can find – bail funds, information for those arrested, safety precautions, updates for those in your area, etc

💰 DONATE directly to frontline people and organizations

🖋 WRITE articles and blog posts in support of the ongoing protests

📣 ORGANIZE on your jobs and in your communities for fair and equitable practices

🛌 REST is revolutionary and inherently anti-capitalist too, so do your best to rest when you can, and take care of yourself and those around you as much as possible.

*** COPY AND PASTE without attribution if you want to share ***