Brentwood Bible Journey with Dr. Don Emler

The Bible Recovery Project at Brentwood Christian Church presents a new Bible study beginning April 22

Brentwood Bible Journey with Art, led by Dr. Don Emler

  • Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m.
  • Zoom ID number 490 261 7574
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Brentwood Bible Journey

A new opportunity for Bible study at Brentwood will begin on Wednesday, April 22 on Zoom.  The leader will be Dr. Don Emler. Emler is Professor Emeritus in the Wimberly School of Religion at Oklahoma City University where he served as dean and taught biblical studies,  church history, and courses in Christian education. He has led two study tours to Israel. 

The course will not use an official textbook, other than the Bible, preferably the NRSV translation.  Because the course will tend to be like an academic course, although any biblical translation may be used, students may find one of the following NRSV annotated study Bibles helpful.   These Bibles have both the text plus commentary notes written by biblical scholars that help in understanding the text. Less expensive paperback versions of these Bibles may be found on the Amazon Website. 

In a church, Bible study tends to be short excerpts read to encourage members to behave ethically or believe in a specific way. In devotional readings, the Bible is generally read with undisputed authority.   This series is more of an academic study. In an academic study, the Bible is studied in the same way as any other literary or historical document from the ancient world. It uses techniques similar to those applied in history, anthropology, sociology, and literary studies.  One of our tasks is to become familiar with the variety of perspectives and opinions that exist not only about the Bible, but within the Bible itself. Our study will use the traditional scholarly methods of studying the Bible called exegesis, specifically literary, historical, and redaction criticisms or scholarship. For many this will be a new way of studying the biblical text.  Yet one does not have to be a biblical scholar to use these methods. One feature of the class sessions will be the inclusion of numerous art and photo illustrations to enhance our study.  

There are several background articles that may help participants prepare for class sessions.  These include a tentative schedule of weekly class topics and general articles related to the weekly topics. Although this sounds very formal, just remember there are no tests or papers for participants to write! Here are the initial background articles to help you prepare:

To enhance the experiences of the class, participants are encouraged to send an email to the instructor by the evening before the scheduled class session.  (E-mail:  Participants are invited to raise comments on something they found confusing or different in the biblical readings or background readings from their tradition.  Participants are also encouraged to suggest a question they would like to hear discussed in class. The instructor will try to respond to questions and comments by return email as well as share responses in the class session.  (The source of the questions and comments will not be identified to protect the identity of the participant.) Class members will also have opportunity to ask questions through the chat panel in Zoom.