New to Zoom?

1h5tvwgtzynbvszjq2hg5mqNow that the world is pretty much being run by Zoom, here are some super brief Zoom online meeting tips for beginners trying to figure out the basics and may not know where to start:

– Zoom works for electronic devices (e.g. computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and telephones. 💻 📱 ☎️

– If you use a smart device (smart phone or tablet), download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app in advance.

– If your electronic device has a camera, you have the option of using your camera to be visible (if your camera is turned on people will be able to see you and/or your surroundings).

– Keep your device muted unless you are speaking. Otherwise there will be a cacophony of voices online all at once, which will sound noisy and distracting for everybody involved, including you. I can’t stress this point enough.

– If you’re using an electronic device, headphones are recommended in order to decrease feedback.

– Each meeting has a unique Meeting ID number. You need this ID to find the right meeting. (If you are joining by telephone you also need to know the telephone number to dial).

Here are instructions for joining online Zoom meetings using computer, smart device, or telephone:

💻 Via Computer:

(1) Launch your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc.)

(2) Go to

(3) Click on “Join”

(4) Enter the Meeting ID number

📱 Via Smart Device (smart phone or tablet):

(1) Download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App

(2) Open App

(3) Click on “Join”

(4) Enter the Meeting ID number

☎️ Via Telephone:

(1) Dial the telephone number provided for the meeting (this is different from the Meeting ID number)

(2) When prompted enter the Meeting ID number, followed by #