Paul the Progressive?

New Bible study starts Sunday, Jan. 12

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The Journey Class is beginning a study of Paul the Progressive, by Eric C. Smith. Sessions are at 9:00am on Sunday mornings in Room 10.

Many are critical of Paul, accusing him of having contempt for women and women’s leadership, of being a defender of slavery, being anti-Semitic, and homophobic among other things.

But there is new scholarship that points out that many of the things attributed to Paul are in books that Paul didn’t actually write, or are due to interpretations from Reformation figures such as Martin Luther or John Calvin. You are invited to come and discuss new scholarship about genuine Pauline writings, pseudo-Paul writings (written by others forging Paul’s name), and Reactionary writers also using Paul’s name, but not following some of his very progressive thinking and actions.

Join us as we look at Paul’s actions in leadership as a model for understanding some of his actual values. as well as current models of interpreting the Progressive Paul.