Weekly Newsletter 10-18-19

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This week’s featured story:

Meal Train for Katie & Casey


Our friends and fellow Brentwood members, Katie Klocksiem and Casey Gunn, along with their daughters, are facing an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Katie very recently found out she has Stage 3 breast cancer and began chemo this week that will last for 16 weeks, followed by additional interventions and treatment. This is going to be a long, difficult haul for this beautiful family, and we want to surround them with love and prayers and to support them in all the ways we possibly can. Please share this Meal Train link with anyone you know who might want to help in this way. We are setting it up initially for about 6 weeks to make sure the Tu/Th dinner plan is working well for them, and will tweak to add more days per week or change days if need be, so check back regularly. [Sign up for the Meal Train]

Also, gift cards are WONDERFUL ideas for area restaurants (favorites are Panera, Qdoba, Chipotle, Wheelhouse, Rocky’s and Heady’s BBQ in Republic), grocery stores (ALDI, Harter House, Walmart), and Visa Gift Cards to use wherever they need. If there are other ways you are willing to help with time, errand running, household maintenance, etc., please email your contact info to Shannon Smith (shansmith76@gmail.com) and we will make a list for them.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up as well so please share it far and wide. This is another way to be super helpful and supportive.

Thanks in advance for all the love and support you all will be pouring out on this family…It is truly the only way to make it through these times. This is what a church family (and support network beyond) is for– to come alongside each other during hardship to help carry the load, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in real time.