Weekly Newsletter 8-23-19

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New series begins Sept 4th: “Creating Spiritual Practices to Heal & Transform the World: How Engaging the Ancient Gospel of Christ is Essential for Dismantling White Supremacy Today”

Copy of Copy of The answer to a religious right that has demonized progressives isn't a religious left that returns the favor. It's a prophetic faith that exposes the divide-and-conquer tactics of white supremacy and-2

The hold of white supremacy remains strong in the United States today, and it is deeply wedded to versions of Christianity that emerged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In this series, we’ll draw on the work of the theologian Thandeka (as well as others) and explore:

  • The history of slaveholder religion and its connections to current manifestations of white supremacy and the Religious Right;
  • How liberal versions of Christianity can still be complicit in white supremacy today;
  • Tools for creating spiritual practices to heal and transform the world focused on (1) the gospel of Christ, (2) the witness of scripture, and (3) living traditions of organization and activism rooted in liberation and justice.

Sessions will run on Wednesday nights at Brentwood Christian Church:

  • Sept. 4th through Oct. 9th
  • 6:30-7:30 p.m. (in Room 10)
  • Facilitated by Rev. Snider

Several of the reflections are derived from the following texts (those interested in engaging more deeply might wish to read them during this study):

This event is free and open to the public. Childcare is provided.

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