New Wednesday series begins Sept. 6 — “More Than Words” (Values for the Modern Family)

more than words

“Family values have long been at the cherished center of the Christian heart, but somewhere along the way the entire concept of family values became synonymous with bigotry, hate, and exclusion. In More than Words, Erin Wathen beautifully reclaims what this term was originally intended to be—a manifesto that leads one to a life of justice, love, and beauty.” –Benjamin L. Corey

Whether your idea of family looks like a Norman Rockwell Christmas card, the Griswold Family Vacation, or the cast of Rent, this series will help us reflect on how to have meaningful connections, healthy families, and strong communities — with the understanding that there’s no one way to be family. 

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 6th, Phil will lead a ten session series on Erin Wathen’s book More Than Words, in which we will reflect on meaningful, life-giving family values. Interested participants are encouraged to read the book as we go along. Each Wednesday evening session will run from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and will meet at Brentwood Christian Church in Room 10. As this book describes:

The values we live and raise our families by are grounded, first, in love. Contrary to many of today’s so-called family values, our values go beyond one or two loaded social issues to a wholehearted lifestyle of practicing compassion, hospitality, justice, peace, and belonging.

More than Words articulates ten values that forward-thinking, openhearted people want to embody in their lives and pass on to their children. With practical ideas and thought-provoking questions, this series inspires families to live more intentionally, engage their communities, and make a difference in the world.

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