Lenten Sermon Series — On Suffering


From Job to Jesus to you and me
From here to there to everywhere
Suffering can feel inescapable
Part of our shared humanity

But is there any sense to it?
Any rhyme or reason?
If God is all good and all powerful shouldn’t God stop it?
Does God cause suffering?
Is God to blame for suffering?
Are we?

March 5: C.S. Lewis (and God) in the Dock: “Is there a purpose to suffering?”

March 12:Rita Brock, Rebecca Parker, and Job’s Proverbs of Ashes: “How (not) to comfort those who are suffering”

March 19: Harold Kushner and the omnipotence of God: “Does God cause suffering?”

March 26: John Cobb and the desire of God: “Does God bring good out of suffering?

April 2: John Caputo and the weakness of God: “Where is God in the midst of suffering?”

April 9: Dorothee Soelle and the ubiquity of suffering: “Is there any meaning to be found?”

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