“The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion: A Guide to Good Religion for Seekers, Skeptics, and Believers”

New Sermon Series Begins May 29

Inspired by the book
The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion:
A Guide to Good Religion for Seekers, Skeptics, and Believers


Many people have experienced religion that has been understood as judgmental, close minded, antiscience, and antiwomen, and it has led them to think that this is representative of religion as a whole. But as Martin Thielen shows, a logical response for those who’ve been hurt or turned off by negative religion does not have to be no religion — instead, it can be good religion.

During this sermon series, we will reflect on the aspects of how good religion can make our lives better. Thielen argues that bad religion breeds arrogance, intolerance, and absolutism, as well as a chronic spirit of negativity, whereas good religion provides hopeful possibilities for our life and our world. We will look at ten characteristics of good religion. Individuals and church groups who would like to read this book as a supplement to the sermon series are encouraged to do so.

  • May 29 – Good Religion Impacts the Way We Live
  • June 5 – Good Religion Prioritizes Love
  • June 12 – Good Religion Engages in Service
  • June 19 – Good Religion Provides a Prophetic Voice
  • June 26 – Good Religion Builds Community
  • July 3 – Good Religion Keeps an Open Mind
  • July 10 – Good Religion is Hope Filled
  • July 17 – Good Religion Practices Forgiveness
  • July 24 – Youth Sunday
  • July 31 – Good Religion Promotes Gratitude
  • August 7 – Good Religion Practices Evangelism with Integrity


The Rev. Dr. Martin Thielen is author of the best-selling What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian? and The Answer to Bad Religion Is Not No Religion. He frequently writes for MinistryMatters.com, Circuit Rider, and Net Results, among others. He is Senior Pastor of Cookeville United Methodist Church in Cookeville, Tennessee. He offers worship and preaching ideas at http://www.GettingReadyForSunday.com.