“Reading the Fine Print” — New Sermon Series


Verizon currently has a series of commercials featuring Ricky Gervais in which viewers are encouraged to read the disclaimers at the bottom of their competitors’ advertisements. Apple requires users to agree to a seemingly inexhaustible list of “terms and conditions” in order to track your every movement use their operating system. Lawyers make sure that clients understand the fine print before having them sign their names to a contract. All of which got us thinking…

  • What happens when you read the “fine print” in the Bible (i.e., the footnotes)?
  • Do the footnotes in the Bible affect the meaning of the text?
  • If modern translations of the Bible are based on different manuscripts that don’t always agree, how do we make sense of them in a faithful way? How do we interpret them responsibly?

Join us as we reflect on these questions and more.

April 17 – Shorter and Longer Endings of Mark (Mark 16:8)

April 24 – The Difference that Just One Letter Can Make (Romans 16:7)

May 1 – Faith in Christ or Faith of Christ? (Galatians 2:16)

May 8 – Favorite Texts, Then and Now (John 7:53-8:11)