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Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome and Affirmation
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This collection of sermons adds compelling clarity to the growing chorus of Christian voices that are passionate about LGBTQ justice and equality—not in spite of their faith but precisely because of it. With a combination of pastoral sensitivity, scholarly insight, and courageous vision, these sermons are a must read not only for LGBTQ people longing to know they don’t have to deny their religious convictions in order to embrace their sexuality and/or gender identity, but also for people of faith who wonder if they have to disregard the Bible in order to fully accept their LGBTQ neighbors, friends, and family members. This volume is an ideal resource for small groups, Sunday school classes, preachers, church leaders, and all people everywhere who are interested in recognizing how the rich resources in the Bible can be cultivated in order to celebrate—rather than condemn—LGBTQ friends and allies.

“In Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome and Affirmation, Rev. Snider has collected a treasure trove of sermons affirming the welcome of LGBT persons at the table of God’s love. Some are carefully exegetical, some deeply personal, all are carefully crafted and full of grace. Starting with the call for equality and ending with a call for the transformation of the church, this volume walks the journey of God’s affirming love for all with both care and courage.”

Rev. Mark C. Johnston, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Open & Affirming Ministry Program
Gay, Lesbian, and Affirming Disciples Alliance
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


Contributors include:
Carol Howard Merritt
Monica A. Coleman
Rita Nakashima Brock
David Lose
Scott Haldeman
Barbara Lundblad
Alton Pollard III
Derek Penwell
Sandhya Jha
Tai Amri Spann-Wilson
Meredith Guest
Christian Piatt
Nancy Steeves
Stephanie Spellers
Deborah Appler
Mona West
Irene Monroe
Mary Foulke
Miguel De La Torre
Glen Miles
Eric Elnes
Tad DeLay
Holly Hearon
Danny Cortez
Richard Ward