Wine Into Water

What if a fun evening out with friends could make a difference What if you could help a community build wells and cisterns, create a clean water delivery or hygiene system? What if you could learn about the community you’re helping while sharing a glass of wine and conversation with friends?


In this our third year of Wine into Water, our focus is to raise money to help provide relief to refugees feeling war and devastation in their own countries. At this moment, there are more refugees in the world than at any time since World War II. Fighting rages in Syria, with families fleeing for safety. Sectarian violence has forced men, women and children from their homes in the Central African Republic on a scales that has not been seen in decades. Persecution of minority groups like Rohingya endures in Asia. And we can help provide some relief through our partnership with Week of Compassion. To learn more about this initiative visit, and


Four local churches (Brentwood Christian Church, Central Christian Church, South Street Christian Church and National Avenue Christian Church) will be partnering together to host and run this event. This evening of wine tasting and food sampling will include a silent auction and tickets sold to help raise funds for clean water projects for refugees.
If you have any questions about our organization or this project, please contact the National Avenue office 417/8699176 or email