Disciples of Christ General Assembly 2015 — SOAR!


A Theme To Call Us into Ministry

As a whole, the 40th chapter of Isaiah has a message for the Church in this time and place. Comfort, preparation, call, challenge – all are contained in this single chapter. And there is also the promise of fresh strength to SOAR!

Scholars tell us that this part of Isaiah was written as the children of Israel were returning after the Babylonian exile. They were returning to a place both familiar and new, longing for wholeness after fragmentation. They were celebrating the return to their homeland. But the land they left had changed and the uncertainty of the future was very real.

The comfort of the lasting love and support of God sustained them and sustains us in the present day. God comforts, but we can’t stop there. God also calls – giving strength for the work we have ahead to put joy in our welcome, love at our table, heart in our wholeness and feet to our movement.