Upcoming Course: “Ethics & Religion: What is the Right Thing to Do? Does Religion Help Us Figure It Out?”

Academy for Faith and LifeEthics and Religion: What is the Right Thing to Do? Does Religion Help Us Figure It Out?

A few questions we’ll consider: Does one have to believe in God in order to be an ethical person? If not, how do we determine ethical norms? If the Bible sometimes reflects the prejudices of its day, how is it authoritative in helping us determine right from wrong? Should the Bible be disregarded in our pursuit of ethical truth? How do we determine right from wrong in a world with competing viewpoints?

Registration: $45 (all proceeds directly support The Center for Diversity and Reconciliation)

Registration deadline: January 13 (to sign-up, send an email to brentwoodchristianchurch@gmail.com)

Sessions begin: January 15 (6:30 – 8:00 p.m.)

Being Good, by Simon Blackburn
Truth, by John D. Caputo
Justice, by Michael Sandel
Saving Jesus (from those who are Right), by Carter Heyward

This course is part of the Academy for Faith and Life at Brentwood Christian Church, which provides an opportunity for participants from both the congregation and the wider community to engage theological and ethical topics in an in-depth manner not usually found in conventional church study groups. The Academy for Faith and Life explores topics related to religion and culture that is similar to what might be found at the university (and at times even the seminary) level and at the same time provides tools for cultivating individual and societal transformation, all based on an approach to Christianity that values both the mind and the heart.

Two courses are generally offered each year (concurrent with fall and spring semesters) and meet on Wednesday evenings for 8-10 weeks. Each is taught by Rev. Snider unless otherwise announced. Participants are expected to read three to four books per course. All registration fees directly support the Center for Diversity and Reconciliation, an organization dedicated to promoting, advocating, and working toward economic dignity, race equity, social justice, and equal rights for all people in the greater Springfield area. A limited number of scholarships (based on financial need) are available.