Homegrown Faith and Justice: Conversations on Faith Formation at Home

Friday, November 22, 2013
4:30 – 6:00PM Central Standard Time
Watch the Livestream Here!

What is the unique role parents and guardians play in the faith formation of their families? What are the joys and challenges parents encounter as they try to raise children with faith, empathy, a sense of fairness and the courage to act justly? How is the church supporting them, and how might we further support their efforts? Join us for this conversation with a panel of colleagues on the intersections of faith formation, justice advocacy, and the unique role of parents as the primary faith teachers of children in day-to-day life. Learn about Homegrown Faith and Justice, a use-at-home resource for families that will be published and released in late 2013, thanks to sponsorship from the United Church of Christ Minnesota Ashley Endowment Fund.

Contact Kelly Burd for more information (burdk@ucc.org or 216-736-3714).