It’s 28 degrees Farenheit in Springfield, and some people (like Jesus) are homeless

795px-Homeless_and_coldWith cooler temperatures upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you can help the homeless, or where you can go for help if you are in need. Here are some suggestions from Romona Baker, the Resource Coordinator for Homeless Services at the Council of Churches of the Ozarks:

1. Hope Connection – Volunteer several hours on Nov 20 at the Expo center. Register at

2. Safe to Sleep needs volunteers to serve a shift at night at the women’s shelter (contact Romona at 417-862-3586 ext 225 or to help). Our celebration of 2 years released statistics of 617 different women served and over 200 volunteers have helped.

3. Cleaning out your closets or a house? Fresh Start will help supply those who are just starting to set up their own apartment or house with basic household goods. Call The Kitchen 837-1500.

4. Leap of Faith is looking for mentors who will be friends to women who are moving out of some type of transitional housing into their own apartment. Befriending them helps their shift from being dependent on others to doing their own cooking, shopping, staying busy, etc.

5. We need BICYCLES. Used bikes are often very cheap at garage sales. They will be given to homeless at the Homeless Count on January 30, 2014. Must be in working order. Contact Romona at 417-862-3586 ext 225 or to donate a bicycle.