A Lenten Reflection…

…from the Rev. Geoffrey A. Black, the General Minister and President of our partner denomination, the United Church of Christ.

Approaching Lent as ‘Easter’ People
Entering the Lenten season is always a bit of a perplexing situation. We go into Lent knowing it as a time of increased devotion, fasting and generosity – but also understanding these practices of discipleship are traits we want to hold dear in our walk of faith at all times.

Throughout ministry I’ve been made aware of a variety of practices that accompany Lent. I’ve observed various forms of fasting – from meat, alcohol, candy or television; soup dinners and study sessions at churches; and special offerings to help those in need. I’ve seen churches and individuals make concerted efforts at growing in their faith. I’ve witnessed earnest prayer and actions toward restoring justice.

When we make this Lenten journey together, we not only commit to 40 days of doing the right thing – loving God, neighbor and self – we put in motion the disciplines that help us embrace the fullness of Easter throughout the year… [click here to read the entire post]