Children’s Church updates from Pastor Sarah

Some exciting changes are in store for our children. Worship and Wonder has always been designed for children Pre-K through second grade. As needs have emerged, we are enacting some changes to provide more learning opportunities for all ages.

Pre-K thru 2nd Grade: Once children leave worship, children in Pre-K through second grade will go to Room 16 for a Bible story, sharing their “bubbles,” prayer and snacks and play. Parents will be asked to volunteer for this on a schedule. Please note that through the season of Advent, parents will be asked to do only one Sunday at a time. After Christmas, we would like parents to serve three weeks at a time. (This is negotiable so please give Sarah your feedback.)

3rd thru 5th Grade: Children in third through fifth grade will go with Sarah to learn Bible basics, Bible stories and a craft. This group will meet in Room 17, across the hall from the younger group. Thankfully some of our youth have volunteered to help!

Children will not be allowed to leave without a parent so please make sure to pick them up from the appropriate room. As always, whether or not children elect to leave the regular worship service is up to the parents. We look forward to the changes and hope you do too!

Donate directly to Afghan Refugees

As our church continues to prepare to welcome Afghan refugees settling in Springfield (we are sponsoring a family of up to six people and need all household items for them), we have several new items that need to be purchased.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. To donate directly to the Afghan refugees we will be sponsoring in Springfield, you may give in the following ways:

— Make a check out to Brentwood and write “Afghan Refugees” in the memo line, then mail it to the church or drop it in an offering basket.

Donate online (you’ll need to create an account if you haven’t done this before). When you make your donation, choose the code Special 11 to make sure it goes directly to the Afghan Refugees.

— Send a text to 417-283-8175. Enter the dollar amount (do not use the dollar sign) followed by the code Special11 (do not put a space between Special and 11). Here’s an example of what your text would look like if you wanted to donate $20 to the Afghan Refugees):

We are also collecting donations for following items, either new or gently used:

  • nightstands
  • lamps
  • wall clocks
  • a queen bed
  • a single bed
  • blankets, comforters or bedspreads for single or queen beds
  • a piece of furniture to sit a TV on.

Be assured that if we end up with extra money or items they will be passed on to other sponsoring groups to be used towards the refugees’ needs. Brentwood has jumped and we are very close to having a home ready for a family thanks to the generous hearts of many.

Thanks so much to each of you!

Support Afghan refugees in Springfield

We are working closely with the International Institute in Southwest Missouri to support Afghan refugees coming to Springfield. Our task is to form a Community Sponsorship Group that will be connected with an individual or a family of Afghan refugees. The purpose of this group is to welcome the family to the community, to be there to help them integrate into the community, to help them understand and navigate Western culture, to be a support network for them as they will most likely not know anyone in the area. It is a six month commitment, but sometimes it lasts beyond that just because of the deep and meaningful relationships that are formed. The hope is to have a group formed and ready to welcome an individual or family as soon as November. 

We as a church will be raising funds to help cover the cost of first month’s rent plus a deposit, as well as items that need to be purchased (or collected) to set up a home for the family unit. (The International Institute is finding housing for everyone, so that is not our responsibility.) We won’t have an official list until the Community Group is formed, but it will contain new or gently used household items like living room seating (enough for each member of the family), a table with enough chairs for each family member, kitchen utensils, dishes, cups, sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, stuff like that. Some from the team will stage the home and put everything in its place so the home is ready to welcome the family unit; some from the team will greet the family at the airport. 

We are looking to form a community group of at least 10 people (we will be joining efforts with Trinity Presbyterian in the hopes of being able to sponsor at least two family units), but there are first steps that need to be taken by every member of the group in order for us to officially sign the contract with the International Institute of SWMO. These steps are:

1. Volunteer application:

Print off this volunteer application (or pick an application up in the Brentwood office), fill it out, include $10 for the background check fee (cash or check made out to International Institute) and mail it to 1114 E Commercial St (there is not a suite number as indicated on the form), 65803.

2. Volunteer Training:

Attend three volunteer zoom training sessions.

Here is the link to sign up to volunteer.

After clicking the link, enter your e-mail address and the options will appear on the next page. There are three offerings for each session, however at this point there is only one more offering of Session 1. If you can’t make the next offering of session 1 (it is this Thursday evening), it is ok to attend Sessions 2 and 3 first and then attend Session 1 the next time they offer options for it. 

Once each person on our team has completed those steps, we will reach out to the International Institute to officially sign up as a community sponsorship team. Once it is official, we will be given a list of items that need to be rounded up while we wait to be connected with an individual or a family.

Thank you all for expressing an interest in this important work of showing love and welcome to our new Afghan neighbors. And please pass this information along to any others in the church or community that you think may be interested in being a part of this work. You are all so appreciated!